The Raiden Trust manages the Raiden Network grant programme and its mission is to strengthen and foster the greater Raiden ecosystem by supporting projects and individuals working on complementary or foundational components or applications that help to build and grow the Raiden Network. The Raiden Trust is funded with 16 million RDN tokens.

It is not involved with the core roadmap of the Raiden Network protocol, but rather aims to support projects and individuals that wish to contribute to the wider Raiden ecosystem. Projects will be supported via financial means, guidance and the Raiden Trust’s network in the ecosystem.

The Raiden Trust was founded on 25th of April 2019 as an independent entity. If you are interested in learning more about the legal setup, please read our announcement. You can also read the Raiden Trust deed here.


Please read our guidelines before submitting your grant application.

The first submission window starts on June 21, closes on August 31 and all grant applications submitted before this date will be reviewed at the latest by October 30. The subsequent submission window will start bi-monthly on the close of the previous window.